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Tenant Participation Review.

Tenant Participation in Aberdeenshire has been undergoing a review. 

'The Change Team' have been looking at how TPPT works, what we do and where we fail. They have reported back to the Head of Housing and now we are looking at where we go from here. 

So far we will probably be 'rebranded' and relaunched. 

We will keep you posted. 

New Award

Young Tenant of the Year Award 2017 

We were very pleased with the response to a Friday Tenant Event - we were not sure how good a response we would get. 

The Douglas Edwardson Award was awarded for the Young Tenant Of The Year in rememberance of the great work he did for both Tenants and for Young People. 

The entries were excellent and choosing between them was very difficult. I know all judges say that but in this case it really was true. So much so that having narrowed it down to two we decided the runner up would have to be awarded some recognision too. The winner was Chloe Dunn (Rosehearty) and the runner up Abigail Van Clarke (Fraserburgh)

The Garden Competition Prizes were also awarded and the pictures from these can be seen elsewhere on the site. 

TPPT Members Contact Details

Ruth Fraser
49 Forglen Crescent
AB53 4NW
Tel: 07974 481 560



Carol Tytler
13 Golden Acre
DD10 0EX
Tel: 01561 360544


Phil Mills-Bishop
5d Burns Terrace
AB39 2NA
Tel: 07906 114158
Tel: 01569 766562


Susan Sim

7A Catto Crescent
AB42 1RN
Tel: 01779 478871


Norman Strachan
14 Summerhill House
AB21 0SL
Tel: 01651 862341
Fiona Tavendale
49 Kings Road
AB39 2HA
Tel: 01569 764999

We now have individual EMAIL
addresses. To send any of us an email, just use our first name

Please note that Phil's e.mail name is Philip. 

Local Tenant Voices

Local Tenant Voices

 Banff: Beata Butka Tel: 07926 358 840 
Catto Park, Peterhead Willie Stone Tel: 07807 196 763
Glebe Park, Banchory Lex Corris Tel: 01330 820 698
Inverurie, Brandsbutt: Willie McArthur Tel: 07733 288 055
Inverurie, Westfield Hilary Rennie Tel: 07708 452 197 
Johnshaven: Carol Tytler Tel: 07500 661 501
Kemnay: Karen Gilbride Tel: 07599 193 228
Laurencekirk: Deborah Moggach Tel: 01561 376 139
Macduff: Odette Strain Tel: 07397 179 286
Portsoy: Gary Cooper Tel: 01261 843 696
Scalloway Park, Fraserburgh: Peter Banks Tel: 01346 378 576
Summerhill House, Newmachar Norman Strachan Tel: 07484 360 720 
Turriff: Ruth Fraser Tel: 07974 481 560
Local Tenant Voices represent local tenants in areas where currently there are no local tenant groups.